Enterprise Defense Administrator (eEDA) Certification

A hands-on blue team certification puts the learner’s cybersecurity skills to the test in a practical environment. 

Advance your career as an Enterprise Defense Administrator with the eEDA Certification

INE’s Enterprise Defense Administrator (eEDA) Certification validates that a practitioner is prepared to implement a properly secured infrastructure.  

Because of the HANDS-ON, SIMULATED LAB questions in this Certification, you’ll be able to prove you’re ready to tackle real-world engagements and help keep your organization secure. 

Preparing for the Enterprise Defense Administrator (eEDA) Certification

Prepare for the Enterprise Defense Administrator (eEDA) Certification with the Enterprise Defender Learning Path. Starting with an introduction to security engineering, and moving into more in-depth topics covering practical defensive engineering techniques and practices, this path will teach you the skills you need for a successful cybersecurity career. 

INE is the premier provider of online technical training for the IT industry. 

Harnessing the world's most powerful hands-on lab platform, cutting-edge technology, global video distribution network, and world-class expert instructors, INE is the top training choice for Fortune 500 companies worldwide, and for IT professionals looking to advance their careers. 

INE’s suite of learning paths offers an incomparable depth of expertise across cyber security, cloud, networking, and data science. INE is committed to delivering the most advanced technical training on the planet, while also lowering the barriers worldwide for those looking to enter and excel in an IT career.

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Basic Defensive Engineering Strategies

Network Device 
and Server Hardening

Vulnerability Management

Log Gathering 
and Analysis

IT professionals beginning in defensive cybersecurity or security engineering

Learners that completed the eEDA Learning Path and want to demonstrate mastery

Cybersecurity professionals interested in upskilling for blue team work

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