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Designed specifically for entry-level technology professionals and learners.

Whether you’re looking to switch careers, gain more formal IT education, or just want to learn for fun, the INE Fundamentals plan gives you access to the industry’s most comprehensive and affordable training resources the market has to offer.

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About INE

INE is the premier provider of online technical training for the IT industry. 

Harnessing the world's most powerful hands-on lab platform, cutting-edge technology, global video distribution network, and world-class expert instructors, INE is the top training choice for Fortune 500 companies worldwide, and for IT professionals looking to advance their careers. 

INE’s suite of learning paths offers an incomparable depth of expertise across cyber security, cloud, networking, and data science. INE is committed to delivering the most advanced technical training on the planet, while also lowering the barriers worldwide for those looking to enter and excel in an IT career.

What You Get With INE Fundamentals

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How does INE help with your career?

At INE, we understand IT training is essential for successful tech professionals. Whether you’re studying for a certification or learning new skills to kickstart your career, it’s more important than ever to have access to the tools you need at an affordable price.

To help you get started, we’re offering you the chance to choose from two INE Fundamentals plans which give you access to more than 200 hours of Cyber Security, Networking, Cloud, and Data Science content, 600+ videos, as well as hundreds of quizzes and labs, so you can prepare for your dream job and the future of technology.

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Our world-renowned instructors are some of the most experienced professionals in the industry and created our content with your success in mind.

With INE Fundamentals, you have access to 8 fundamental learning paths:

CCNA Learning Path

Enjoy more than 139 hours of content covering networking fundamentals, network access technologies, utilizing IP-based services, and more.

Getting Started In Networking

Learn more about networking security, IPv4 addressing & subnetting, border gateway patrol, and other critical networking concepts with more than 64 hours of content.

INE Certified Cloud Associate (ICCA)

Gain a firm understanding of general concepts and foundational Cloud skills for supporting public cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)

Including more than 28 hours of content, this learning path will help you learn what Cloud services are, what Azure is, how resources are managed in Azure, how resources are billed, and more.

First Steps in Data Science with Python

Utilizing a combination of advanced videos with online coding exercises, hosted Jupyter Notebooks and Capstone projects, you’ll be able to kickstart your Data Science career with this learning path.

Python Data Scientist

Python is the most popular programming language for Beginner Developers and in Data Science. This Learning Path focuses on the fundamentals of Python programming, getting you started on the right foot while helping build a fundamental understanding of Data Science workflows.

Pentester Student

This hands-on learning path prepares you for an entry-level position within a red team, exposes you to bug bounty basics, and provides the skills and practice necessary for the eJPTv2 certification exam.

Popular Fundamentals Courses

New courses are released each month, and provide you with access to the most accurate training material in the industry. Here’s some of our favorites:


IPv4 Addressing 
& Subnetting

In this course, you’ll learn about the evolution of IP addresses from when only the first byte was considered the “network”, to Classfull Addressing, to Subnetting, VLSM and CIDR.


Cloud Foundations

This course gives you a starting point for working with cloud-based resources so you can start working with resources that are hosted in the cloud.


Gain an in-depth understanding of how to use Jupyter Notebooks as you’re also introduced to Python, a general purpose computer language.

Python Starter Pass


This course focuses on understanding what cloud computing is, what options are available within cloud computing, and why organizations choose to move some or all of their IT workloads into Azure.

Introduction to Azure and Cloud Concepts

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